These are a few of my favorite things...

So, two of my most favorite things are good friends and sushi! And last night, Jason and I were able to enjoy both. We both love entertaining, and since I am finally back home from my training in Dallas, we decided to have two of our favorite married couples over, John and Amy (top) and Eric and Ashley (bottom). And since Jason is a 5-star sushi chef, we had to treat them to some yummy sushi!!

We started the afternoon off at Super Cao Nguyen in OKC. This Asian supermarket is brimming with all kinds of international foods, so we stocked up on sushi essentials and headed back home.

After Jason had prepped all the food and John and Amy had arrived, the sushi rolling began! Amy wanted to get a crash course in sushi-making, so she tried her hand at the art, and she was a quick learner! While they were making sushi, my parents stopped by with Aunt Debbie, one of my mom's best friends who was in town for the weekend. Aunt Debbie had never had sushi before, so she watched Jason make some rolls and tried a couple, and she liked it!! It was definitely fun having them over for a little bit.

After several hours of hard work and 16 rolls of sushi, made with love from Jason, we all finally sat down to a delicious dinner. Also, since John is not a sushi fan, we bought some Rudy's barbecue for John and tried to make him feel like part of the sushi club. :)

After dinner, we watched the basketball games and had mochi, a Japanese rice cake that has sherbet in it. But that wasn't before we all tried some durian. It's a stinky fruit that is popular in Asian countries. Amy and John were kind enough to bring it so we could indulge in this fruit. It was quite the experience! Eric likened the smell of the fruit to mildew and I thought it smelled like a dirty locker. But the taste was quite offputting. Now it's not quite as revolting as I had imagined it was going to be, but it tasted pretty bad.

Last night was a fabulous night! I could not be more proud of Jason and his amazing sushi-making skills. He undoubtedly exceeded our guests' expectations and it was a yummy meal. And last, but not least, I could not be more thankful for the sweet friends and couples in our lives. It was so much fun spending time with them and talking about all kinds of things, and watching the Final Four games. I definitely hope this becomes a routine event, because friends and sushi are a few of my favorite things. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great experience and letting us crash your party! Jason, you are definitely a 5-star sushi maker! You got me, the culturally ignorant, picky eater to try it! And Jaclyn, you made it look so beautiful, I had no choice but to think it looked appetizing. You should both have a show that teaches other couples how to entertain and get them to try new things!

Love you guys!!
Aunt Debbie

amy said...

Correction: "15" rolls of sushi made with love by Jason. "1" experimental roll made by Amy! We always have so much fun coming over to your place! Let's get together again soon!

Anonymous said...

Jason, you have mastered the art of sushi making! My compliments. You have demonstrated that with determination, practice, and gusto one can accomplish much. Thanks for the inspiration.