AP's Room Reveal!

AP's room has been in the works for a really long time now.  Normally, it's something you start putting together before the baby arrives, but since we were in a rent home during the entire pregnancy, we did absolutely nothing.  Not to mention, I couldn't find anything that went with the color scheme I initially wanted for his room.  So I procrastinated on trying to pull his room together, even after we moved into our home. (Trust me, this will be an underlying theme in every home post I make going forward.  I have a problem!!)

However, I finally settled on bedding.  Then we found a weekend to go furniture shopping and I was fully prepared to not find anything I liked. But to my surprise, we actually found a dresser that I liked that was very reminiscent of a RH Baby piece I had my eye on, and it was about $1,000 cheaper.  Sold!

So, everything started coming together after that.  Jason and I did a legit DIY project for his wall.  I mean, it was nothing crazy, but for this chick who is a perfectionist, it was a big risk step.  But it turned out beautifully and adds a lot to the room.  Then, on top of it, AP's Uncle Ty bought him an awesome teepee that fills the room and really makes it seem like a little boy's room!  We stained the tops of the teepee poles to match the arrows and I just love how everything turned out.

I still want to add some pieces to the walls and upgrade the chair, but I think we've made a great room that Austin will be able to grow up in! 

DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial
Dresser: Mathis Brothers Furniture
Nursery Bedding & Mobile: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Teepee: Amazon
Club Chair: Target
Sheepskin Rugs: IKEA
Wood Clock: Amazon.com
Crib: StorkLand and Kids Too!