Expanding My Horizons

So, my new hobby is Pinterest.

It's addictive and so easy to get caught up in all the really cool ideas for clothing ensembles, recipes, photography ideas, home decorations and so much more. It's basically a bunch of virtual pinboards where you can bookmark pictures from websites of things that you like. You can also view what everyone else is pinning and get ideas from them too. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I've only pinned a handful of things straight from websites. I spend so much time just pinning other peoples' pins. Regardless, it's a lot of fun and a great way get inspiration for just about anything. If you haven't had the opportunity to become addicted to this website. Please allow me to indulge you with an invite.

OK, so now that the unofficial plug has been done, let me say that I took on my very first DIY project!! I've never been dying to do DIY projects because let's face it, I have expensive taste and a very critical eye. So, I never thought I would like anything done by my very uncreative hands and mind. But, Pinterest challenged me to take some on. So, here was my challenge. A necklace holder.

Source: flickr.com via Jaclyn on Pinterest

I have started to rebuild my accessories collection as it had dwindled to practically nothing over the past five years and was beginning to grow again with lots of long necklaces. My tiny jewelry box can only hold my simple silver necklaces well, so all my other pieces were getting thrown into a box to keep them hidden and out of the way. But then, because they're hiding I fail to actually use them. So, I thought this framed necklace holder would be a great way to prettily display the necklaces that I have while keeping them in easy reach!

The image I was trying to copy was a frame backed with plywood and the cabinet pulls screwed in. But, considering this was my first DIY attempt, I figured I would cheat. So, I bought a framed cork board from Target for $12 and 5 cabinet pulls from Lowe's all ranging from $2-$4, slapped them on there, commissioned my sweet husband to hang it up for me and called it good. And I love it!!

And I'm totally aware that this is probably like the absolute easiest DIY project ever. I mean I didn't paint, sand, Modge Podge, hot glue, or sew anything, but this was an inspirational baby step for me! And let's not get too crazy, because this girl still loves her expensive, ridiculously-priced home accessories and decor, but maybe there will be ways I can continue to save some money in the future and challenge myself to expand my horizons. Until next time, I'll see you on Pinterest!! :)

The World Keeps on Turning

There's a million items I need to check off on my to-do list.  And being a woman, God so oddly gave me the ability to allow those million items to consistently be running simultaneously through my head no matter the time of day.  I envy men and their gift of being able to take one thing at a time.  Being a woman is taxing.  I need to clean the house, been wanting to blog for forever, I need to catch up on work and spend time on developing my work Access database, desperately want to work out and I have to finalize all the details for our trip in a month.  I want to read a good book and go back to having nightly devotions with my hubby.

I keep hoping that just having a good cry will make all the items on my to-do list disappear.  Or somehow by checking one thing off my list, it will magically check off other things, instead of just adding things to my list. I guess I could keep on dreaming, but that doesn't help me make this list get smaller.  So, today, I decided I just needed to buckle down and start knocking things off my list.  So what did I do?  I played on Pinterest and caught up on months-old episodes of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy while curled up in bed.  To be fair, I did organize the utensil drawer which so desperately needed it and did some dishes!

Because you know what I realized? That no matter how much I think I can one day clear off all the items on my to-do list and be caught up, it's never going to happen.  Sure, it's partially my fault that I add so much to my list.  But life is going to keep on going.  Deadlines are going to come and go, and days are going to fly by.  And I might as well take it easy every so often and at least attempt to take ONE thing at a time one day out of the week.  Because the world keeps on turning and life keeps on happening no matter how much I have to do or how far behind I am.  So I better enjoy smelling the roses while I can.