The World Keeps on Turning

There's a million items I need to check off on my to-do list.  And being a woman, God so oddly gave me the ability to allow those million items to consistently be running simultaneously through my head no matter the time of day.  I envy men and their gift of being able to take one thing at a time.  Being a woman is taxing.  I need to clean the house, been wanting to blog for forever, I need to catch up on work and spend time on developing my work Access database, desperately want to work out and I have to finalize all the details for our trip in a month.  I want to read a good book and go back to having nightly devotions with my hubby.

I keep hoping that just having a good cry will make all the items on my to-do list disappear.  Or somehow by checking one thing off my list, it will magically check off other things, instead of just adding things to my list. I guess I could keep on dreaming, but that doesn't help me make this list get smaller.  So, today, I decided I just needed to buckle down and start knocking things off my list.  So what did I do?  I played on Pinterest and caught up on months-old episodes of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy while curled up in bed.  To be fair, I did organize the utensil drawer which so desperately needed it and did some dishes!

Because you know what I realized? That no matter how much I think I can one day clear off all the items on my to-do list and be caught up, it's never going to happen.  Sure, it's partially my fault that I add so much to my list.  But life is going to keep on going.  Deadlines are going to come and go, and days are going to fly by.  And I might as well take it easy every so often and at least attempt to take ONE thing at a time one day out of the week.  Because the world keeps on turning and life keeps on happening no matter how much I have to do or how far behind I am.  So I better enjoy smelling the roses while I can.


LESSYE CAM said...

I love this because I can totally relate! I thought I'd get so much accomplished while on maternity leave and that is so not the case. And I'm totally ok with it because I can look back and say I spent all my time taking care of and bonding with our sweet baby girl. ;)

Christine said...

I know the feeling girl! Starting up a new business is very overwhelming! I've asked Dave for so much help but in the end I'm the only one who wants to do it.. I've found wine helps. Let me know when you want to drink a bottle and I'll join you! (notice how I didn't say a glass... I mean business!)