Moving Out!!

So, the one thing that has been incredibly stressful so far about this building process is that we need to sell our house!  We also went the more exciting route and decided to Sell by Owner! 

So, if you know of anyone that is looking for a great home in south Norman, please send them our way!  And we are offering a cash incentive to anyone who refers someone to us that ends up closing on the house!

You can check out the home listing at the following sites:

Moving On!!

While there hasn't been a whole lot going on in our day-to-day lives, there is one big change that is brewing.  We're moving!  And by moving, I mean we're building a beautiful, custom home in Norman!  J and I are beyond excited!

After plenty of deliberation, nearly a year, in fact, we decided to stay long-term in Norman, and also stay near our families and Jason's job.  And while we love our home where we first started our lives together and have made so many memories, we decided we should move while the housing market was still not strong and while interest rates are at an all-time low.  We are also hoping to expand our family sometime in the future and, since I work full-time from home, we currently don't have the space to grow.

We decided to build because we both have a really clear vision of what we want in a house and there's not much in Norman that fits our bill.  So, for months, I researched neighborhoods and builders while still looking at pre-existing homes.  I also worked on our list of needs, wants, and likes for a new house so that we wouldn't regret any decisions we make.  This is serious stuff!!

We initially were going to work with Landmark Fine Homes and build in Carrington Lakes, on the west side of Norman, but that ended up being a little too pricey for us.  So, we switched to Muirfield Homes and decided to build in Hallbrooke!  And, boy, are we glad we switched!  Scott at Muirfield Homes has been so incredibly helpful with the whole process and we absolutely fell in love with the Hallbrooke community.  So, stay posted for sneak peeks on the new house and the building process!