2011 In Review

2011 was a good year. It was busy and full of changes. New jobs, babies and trips! There was so much to be thankful for. And we're looking forward to what the new year brings.

-We bought a GMC Yukon
-I officially started as SCAS Implementation Manager
-I was offered a new job

-Started my new job as a Staff Accountant
-Jason turned 27
-Spent 4 weeks in Dallas training

-My parents took the kids and spouses to Panama to meet the extended family

-Jason followed me down to the annual Key Club convention and got sucked in to doing more for next year, hehe

-I took a photography class with Lessye and Payton
-My parents sent Jason and I and Michael and Lessye to Weekend of a Lifetime

-Jason went on his first work trip to Rockville, MD/Washington D.C.
-We celebrated the coming of Zoey Marie with a baby shower
-Jason had his oral surgery

-Zoey Marie was born!!!!!
-Went whitewater rafting in Colorado

-We were so busy with work, we didn't really have a life

-Jason and I celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple
-We went on a Mediterranean cruise

-I turned 24

-We had our second Kobza Redneck Weekend
-Jason and I completed our first 5K

-We saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert
-We trekked down to Glendale, AZ to celebrate New Year's Eve and the Fiesta Bowl with our friends, Ty, Matt and Lauren

Christmastime Bliss

We started off the Christmas holidays by giving some love to our niece, Zoey. It was an absolute blast getting to watch her first attempts to open her Christmas presents. And, as to be expected, she was way more into the wrapping paper than the gifts! She is so adorable!
Then we headed to Anadarko to celebrate Christmas with Jason's family. Unfortunately, the whole family was waiting on us, since we both had to work that Friday! And with wrapping up Christmas preparations and cooking and working, I was a little worn out. But, we had a great time, despite getting dominated by Hank and Cee at multiple games of Pegs & Jokers.

On Christmas day, Jason and I had our own Christmas celebration, took it easy, and then met up with my parents for dinner at The Mantel and a movie. This year was a lot of fun as we spent time with family and starting new traditions that we hope to continue once we have a family!

So You Want to Work From Home?

I love my job and I work with a great group of people. I truly never dreamed that I would have an opportunity in my career to work from home. And I kind of dread the day when I'll have to return to a real office, five days a week. Regardless, while there are pros to this working arrangement, there definitely are cons.  So, here is my opinion of what is awesome and not-so-awesome when you get to work from home.

Pro: You don't have to put makeup on and you can stay in your pajamas all day.
Con:  You're getting dressed and ready for the day at 6pm because you're so stir-crazy that you're dying to go grab milk from the store, just to get out of the house.
 Pro: You don't have to be a people person, since you're all alone...all alone.
Con:  You're having full conversations with your pets to keep yourself sane.
Pro: You have more flexibility in your work schedule.
Con: You're working till 2am sometimes because your office never leaves you.

Pro: You can create your work environment to be whatever you want, it's your home. Make it warm, cold, loud, quiet, etc.
Con: You all of a sudden realize how dirty your house is, because you never leave it, 24/7.  And it haunts you, so horribly.

 Pro: You can sleep in till 8:29 and still make it to work on time at 8:30.
 Con: Inclement weather does not affect you. You don't get snow days or released to go home early when a really bad storm is coming. You get to just keep trucking along...unless your power goes out!