Christmastime Bliss

We started off the Christmas holidays by giving some love to our niece, Zoey. It was an absolute blast getting to watch her first attempts to open her Christmas presents. And, as to be expected, she was way more into the wrapping paper than the gifts! She is so adorable!
Then we headed to Anadarko to celebrate Christmas with Jason's family. Unfortunately, the whole family was waiting on us, since we both had to work that Friday! And with wrapping up Christmas preparations and cooking and working, I was a little worn out. But, we had a great time, despite getting dominated by Hank and Cee at multiple games of Pegs & Jokers.

On Christmas day, Jason and I had our own Christmas celebration, took it easy, and then met up with my parents for dinner at The Mantel and a movie. This year was a lot of fun as we spent time with family and starting new traditions that we hope to continue once we have a family!

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LESSYE CAM said...

You have my permission to spoil your niece any time ;-) Hehe. Can't wait to put her in those baby Uggs!!