So You Want to Work From Home?

I love my job and I work with a great group of people. I truly never dreamed that I would have an opportunity in my career to work from home. And I kind of dread the day when I'll have to return to a real office, five days a week. Regardless, while there are pros to this working arrangement, there definitely are cons.  So, here is my opinion of what is awesome and not-so-awesome when you get to work from home.

Pro: You don't have to put makeup on and you can stay in your pajamas all day.
Con:  You're getting dressed and ready for the day at 6pm because you're so stir-crazy that you're dying to go grab milk from the store, just to get out of the house.
 Pro: You don't have to be a people person, since you're all alone...all alone.
Con:  You're having full conversations with your pets to keep yourself sane.
Pro: You have more flexibility in your work schedule.
Con: You're working till 2am sometimes because your office never leaves you.

Pro: You can create your work environment to be whatever you want, it's your home. Make it warm, cold, loud, quiet, etc.
Con: You all of a sudden realize how dirty your house is, because you never leave it, 24/7.  And it haunts you, so horribly.

 Pro: You can sleep in till 8:29 and still make it to work on time at 8:30.
 Con: Inclement weather does not affect you. You don't get snow days or released to go home early when a really bad storm is coming. You get to just keep trucking along...unless your power goes out!

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