Family Mini-Vacation

This past weekend, Chris, Charis, Jason, and I headed to Cotapaxi, Colorado to spend some time at the family cabin with Hank and Cee. So, all four of us piled into the Yukon and headed out. This was the first real road trip in the Yukon, and it was definitely worth it to have the big SUV. The boys traded off driving the nine hour trip while Charis and I read magazines, books, slept and watched movies. Such a hard life, I know. It was so amazing to watch the temperature drop as we got closer and closer to Colorado.

On Friday we took it easy and enjoyed the beautiful weather. In the afternoon we ventured out for a beverage run and to check out the neighboring towns. Since Hank and Cee had purchased a 4x4 truck, we decided to test its limits and went offroading for a bit. It was fun going out into the less commonly driven roads. Unfortunately, since it's been a dry summer there wasn't a whole lot to see. Then we came home to more relaxing, enjoying the scenery from the porch and playing games.

On Saturday we woke up early and went white-water rafting. Hank and I were the only two newbies of the group. Initially, i was a little nervous, but it really ended up not being so bad. We had a great time, and I'm so ready to do another one! But, it definitely wore us out since we all took like 3 hour naps, hah.

On Sunday, we visited this great little pizza joint that Chris and Charis had discovered on one of their previous trips. Then, we tried to find Cottonwood Lake, but instead ran into the Continental Divide! That was a pleasant surprise! And we eventually found the lake on our way back down the mountain. Overall, we had a fantastic time enjoying the beautiful scenery and the refreshing weather. And it was so fun to relax and spend time with the whole Kobza family. I'm already crossing my fingers that we'll be able to go next summer, and for much longer!

Precious New Life

At 5:11 PM, on July 10th, we welcomed a beautiful, new life into this world, Zoey Marie Cam!!  She was 6 lbs. 1.5 oz and 19 in. long!

I knew that the reality of it all wouldn't hit me till she was actually born, and that was evident in the wave of emotions that hit me when Michael texted us from the hospital room that Zoey had been born.  When we heard the news, my parents, Jason and I were so excited that none of us could keep from spilling a few tears of of joy (ok, fine, it might have been more than a few tears). 

But, Lessye was an absolute trooper.  She opted to have an all-natural birth, so she didn't have any drugs or epidurals for her.  But she did fantastic, considering she was pushing for over 6 straight hours.  When we walked in to see her and Zoey, it really didn't look like she'd been in labor for so long.  And she's doing great!  Can't wait till they all get to come home.  I'm so proud of the new parents, Michael and Lessye!!

Experiencing New Things

Jason and I have been wanting to try the Royal Bavaria restaurant out on Sooner Road. So, when Payton invited us, we jumped at the opportunity. When we got there they were serving a buffet in the Bier Garten. We figured we might as well try that since we'd get to try several of their well-known dishes. Only drawback to this buffet is that it's outside. So we sweated and swatted at bugs while we tried to enjoy our meal.

Jason and Payton ordered the King's Weizen beer. I'm not a huge beer drinker and it was actually good! Although, Jason was upset that he couldn't drink his beer from a boot. Apparently they don't allow that outside in the Bier Garten. Halfway through our meal, the waitress had some extra glasses of King's Gold that she dropped off for Payton and I. So, we got to try that one as well, and I liked that one too.
 Overall, it was a fun experience and we all agreed we'd actually like to try some dishes off of there menu next time. The homemade noodles, sausages, and the pork schnitzel with brown gravy were all yummy!