Experiencing New Things

Jason and I have been wanting to try the Royal Bavaria restaurant out on Sooner Road. So, when Payton invited us, we jumped at the opportunity. When we got there they were serving a buffet in the Bier Garten. We figured we might as well try that since we'd get to try several of their well-known dishes. Only drawback to this buffet is that it's outside. So we sweated and swatted at bugs while we tried to enjoy our meal.

Jason and Payton ordered the King's Weizen beer. I'm not a huge beer drinker and it was actually good! Although, Jason was upset that he couldn't drink his beer from a boot. Apparently they don't allow that outside in the Bier Garten. Halfway through our meal, the waitress had some extra glasses of King's Gold that she dropped off for Payton and I. So, we got to try that one as well, and I liked that one too.
 Overall, it was a fun experience and we all agreed we'd actually like to try some dishes off of there menu next time. The homemade noodles, sausages, and the pork schnitzel with brown gravy were all yummy!

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