Precious New Life

At 5:11 PM, on July 10th, we welcomed a beautiful, new life into this world, Zoey Marie Cam!!  She was 6 lbs. 1.5 oz and 19 in. long!

I knew that the reality of it all wouldn't hit me till she was actually born, and that was evident in the wave of emotions that hit me when Michael texted us from the hospital room that Zoey had been born.  When we heard the news, my parents, Jason and I were so excited that none of us could keep from spilling a few tears of of joy (ok, fine, it might have been more than a few tears). 

But, Lessye was an absolute trooper.  She opted to have an all-natural birth, so she didn't have any drugs or epidurals for her.  But she did fantastic, considering she was pushing for over 6 straight hours.  When we walked in to see her and Zoey, it really didn't look like she'd been in labor for so long.  And she's doing great!  Can't wait till they all get to come home.  I'm so proud of the new parents, Michael and Lessye!!

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