An Anniversary to Remember

Jason kicked our anniversary celebration off much earlier than I anticipated. I had been working non-stop trying to get all my work done before we left for our trip to Europe, so he came home on Wednesday night and made me a delicious dinner of sushi. After dinner, he said he had a little something to give me. After making me close my eyes, he walked up with a little jewelry bag, and in the little bag was a little box. And to my surprise, it was a pair of diamond earrings! Totally blew me away! We'd agreed to not do gifts since we were spending so much on the trip. Yet, he still went out of his way to surprise me with such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.
So, fast forward to today. My dear friend, Payton, was kind enough to take us to the airport. We grabbed some Sonic, and waited for our flight. After a nearly hour delay, we started our trip. And the best moment of the trip so far, when my husband reached over as the plane was taxiing and said a prayer for our travels.
Now we're watching Kung Fu Panda 2 and crossing the Atlantic and we'll arrive in the morning at Rome!


Christine said...

Wow! That IS a great anniversary!!! The earrings are gorgeous! I hope you all have an amazing time!! I can't wait to read/hear all about it! And ps I'm super jealous!! :)

Ashley said...

So excited for you guys! Can't wait to hear about the trip when you get back!