Thanksgiving Reflections

This holiday weekend was a wonderful time to reflect on all that I am thankful for. It's amazing to realize how much you take for granted when life is speeding by. God truly has blessed me in so many ways. And while there's so much to be thankful for, here are a few of the things I am most thankful for.

1. Celebrating over one year of pure happiness with the love of my life. Life is so much more fun now that I get to share every special moment with him. And, I can honestly say that we've yet to have a serious fight! We have way more fun teasing each other and laughing together. And he absolutely spoils me rotten.  He always has a wonderful attitude and is eager to help me in whatever ways possible. He's my best friend and we complement each other perfectly.

2. Our jobs. God provided me with a fantastic job when I wasn't even looking for one. I get to work from home, and I get to work for a guy that I've considered a mentor and friend for over 6 years now. Jason recently started a new job on the Risk side of MSCI. He's getting to do something that's more fun, challenging and rewarding. And while it sucks that now I understand pretty much nothing that he does, I'm so happy that he's happier.

3.  Our families. First of all, I think it's phenomenal that both of our parents have wonderful, strong marriages. They love each other so deeply and with such passion, that I can only hope that Jason and my marriage can carry on their legacy. 
Then, there are days that I am so excited when I hear that Jason and Michael are planning to play golf.  And it means so much that Jason gets along so well with my family, and fits in seamlessly.  And I've had fun spending time with Charis and going on shopping dates or Jason and I meeting up with her and Chris to grab food and drinks.  There are so many families where relationships are strained and personalities clash.  But not among the Kobzas and the Cams!

I really could go on and on about the things in my life that have made me become the woman I am today.  There is so much to be thankful for.  And I give God all the glory, because every good and perfect gift comes from above. :-)

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