I Am My Father's Daughter

There are days where I have to shake my head and laugh. It's funny to take a step back and realize how much he rubbed off on me. He's a little quiet and a lot practical. A little frugal and a lot wise. Here are a few things he taught me or somehow just rubbed off on me:
  • Continental Airlines (now United Airlines) is the least painful airline to be a customer of 
  • A steak cooked anymore than medium-rare is awful.
  • If at all possible, only take carry-ons on airplane trips (including 10 day trips to Europe in the winter!!) 
  • If it's going to be a cold evening, leave your faucets dripping 
  • You have to eat at local, hole-in-the-wall restaurants when traveling abroad to experience good food 
  • Always turn the lights off, when leaving a room
  • "Keep an  eye on the weather!"
  • Naps are the best
  • Be mindful of what time during the day you're using energy
  • Save your money and don't go in debt!  Always have an emergency savings and put money into your retirement accounts
  •  Don't let people know you speak a second language, unless necessary
  • Always say good morning to your family, and respect birthdays and anniversaries
  • You gotta stay on top of cutting-edge technology
I could go on and on and on.  It cracks me up.  But, he's a great father, a great husband to my mom, and a great leader.  And I am so appreciative to have the privilege of being his daughter.

I'm fairly certain that the only thing I wish I hadn't gotten from him were his eyelashes, haha.  I would kill for some long, pretty eyelashes, and I give my dad full credit for not bestowing some of those on me.  For shame!  So, that should be evident of how awesome my dad is, when the only bad thing he passed on to me were short, stubby eyelashes.  ;-)

Happy, happy Father's Day!!

And, yesterday, the whole family came over for lunch, so we took some quick family pics too!  Check them out, Zoey is a walking machine now!  She brings such a smile to anyone who is in the room with her.

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