The Heartbeat at Our Feet

Ever since I was born, there have been dogs in the house.  First there was Pooky the Pekingese, then there was Oreo the Cocker Spaniel.  And while I remember them, they weren't my favorite pets, and let's be honest, they really weren't that nice either.  But, once my brother bought a puppy Husky in 2009 and I had bought my house and was living by myself, I was inspired and figured I should probably get a watch dog anyways.  I had always thought German Shepherds were handsome and smart, so I finally got Titan.

Now Titan is definitely handsome; we sometimes catch him sitting all stoic-like in the yard, overseeing his land.  But, we do sometimes question if he's actually as smart as German Shepherds are supposed to be.  He still runs into walls and chases his tail and tries to catch floating fur balls in his mouth.  But he's so darn cute!!!
  Now that I'm working from home, he gets to spend a lot more time in the office with me, and I have fallen even more in love with him.  It's so funny when he rolls around on his back with his toys in his mouth, or tries to hide his bones in the middle of pillows, or cocks his head when you say his name.  And it's moments like that, that make me truly value the companionship of dogs.  The way that they are so content, with seemingly so little.  It's so crazy how even after you yell at them for trying to eat the cat or have been gone for two minutes or two weeks, they still want to slobber you with affection.  I could definitely learn a lesson or two from Titan's simple view of how companionship should be.
So, until Jason and I want children, Titan will be our baby.  I spoil him with toys and cozy beds he probably doesn't care about.  I am always trying to snap pictures of him being silly or cute.  When he's sick, we get up in the middle of the night to take care of him (well, I try, Jason is the one that normally gets up).  But regardless of the circumstances, I can't imagine life now without Titan in it.  He brings so much joy and laughter to our day, and because of that, I hope that he will be the heartbeat at our feet for a very, very long time.

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