Savory Delights

I was super excited when Rocco Dispirito's new cookbook Now Eat This! Diet came out. So we ordered it and the other day I picked out some recipes to try. So, last night we tried making the "Flash-Fried Chicken Carnitas" and the "Chicken and Cheese Jalapeño Poppers". Overall, I'd say they were a success.
The poppers were fantastic. They were yummy and looked great and they were easy to make. You can find the recipe here. Chicken and Cheese Jalapeño Poppers.  

The carnitas definitely were more time-consuming and a little more difficult to follow since you have to make sure you have the correct temperatures when heating the chicken stock and the grapeseed oil. And they were way too salty, so we'll probably cut down on the adobo and the salt next time. Here's the basic recipe although the directions aren't as detailed as in the book. Flash-Fried Chicken "Carnitas"

So, while we were waiting for the chicken to cook, we went outside and I took pictures of Jason and Titan. There were storms nearby so the lighting outside was really cool.

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