Life in the Kitchen

Today, we somehow ended up spending over three hours in the kitchen doing various things and had fun doing it! The first thing was that Jason decided to spoil me with Porcini-Crusted Lamb and Asparagus & Bacon Risotto. He is such a spectacular chef!! The lamb was a Williams-Sonoma recipe we used when making our Valentine's Day dinner, we just omitted the sauce since we didn't really care for it the first go round.
While Jason cooked, I continued the job we had started on Sunday of organizing our pantry. We already can't wait till we have a much, much bigger kitchen!!! So, here's a picture of our pantry as it is now. Honestly, it shares quite a lot about Jason and I, individually, and how we have influenced each other. I'm super organized and Jason is a food guru. So, now we have all our foods in awesome containers and we have an amazing selection of foods to choose from when cooking. I mean, how many pantries have four different kinds of flour, five different kinds of pastas and six different types of grains? So, Jason's love for cooking and gourmet foods is quite evident in our pantry!
After all that was done, I decided to continue my cupcake experiments and decided to try Boston Creme Cupcakes. They were quite easy to make and yummy! I think we'll be experimenting with the recipe to see if we can get more of a custard taste and may try to thicken up the ganache frosting, but it was a great first try. Much better luck than I've had with some of my other cupcakes!

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