A Baby's Coming!!!

After approximately three months of planning and prepping, my super excited mom hosted a beautiful shower for Lessye.  And it was fabulous!  She initially picked the color scheme of purple, black and white because that's what the baby's bedding was going to be.  But.....the bedding changed, haha!  Nevertheless, it was beautiful!
Another recurring theme was all the children's books!  My mom wanted to help Lessye build up her library, so there were lots of popular children's books with their stuffed character counterparts.  So cute!  Everyone was able to write notes to Lessye and Zoey in the opening pages of the books.
Of course, the food was outstanding and there was plenty to go around.  There were cream-filled strawberries, tiered cheese slices, chocolate mousse, spinach artichoke dip, warm cranberry brie, punch, and a yummy cake from Raspberries 'n Creme Bakery.

We played some games and had a fun watching Lessye open all her gifts.  We certainly hope she enjoyed it!  And I absolutely can't wait for Zoey Marie to make her entrance into this world!

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lessye said...

Aw I was blown away! I love all the pics you got! I will definitely remember this day for a long time. And Zoey can't wait to meet you either ;) Love you!!