Making Dreams Come True

I cannot express how excited and proud I am that Jason and I just booked our first solo overseas trip! We both really want to travel together before we settle down and start a family, and we decided that there are three major trips we want to take before that happens, plus all other random trips that arise 1) Hawaii, 2) Mediterranean Cruise, and 3) Australia & New Zealand. We figured Australia and New Zealand will obviously be the most expensive, so we're planning that as our last big hurrah before settling down and that will give us more time to plan and save for it. So, that left Hawaii and the cruise. And since we're too late to find an available time to use my family's timeshare in Hawaii this year, that left the cruise!

So, for our one year anniversary/honeymoon we are going on an eastern Mediterranean cruise, which I have been dying to do since I was in middle school. It may seem a little silly that I'm this excited about booking the trip, but it means a lot. It's the first trip where it will just be the two of us. It's the first trip where we are 100% financially responsible for all expenses (yes, this is the one area where our parents have sweetly continued to spoil us even after we left the nests). And finally, it's one of our first steps to achieving some of our lifetime goals as a married couple. You so often hear of couples that say they want to travel before having kids, but then it never happens. And I'm pretty sure that Jason and I could easily and very quickly fall into that category. So, booking this trip makes me feel so much more confident that we can actually achieve the dreams and goals we have created for ourselves.

We had initially planned to take a trip with my parents, but had differing numbers of vacation days available. So, one week while my mom was horribly sick at home, she unbeknownst to me began searching for great cruise deals for Jason and I, after booking a trip for her and my dad to Thailand!! Yes, the Cam family LOVES to travel. So, she found us a deal that would get us airline miles, a $100 inboard shop credit and a guaranteed balcony stateroom for a fabulous price! We were sold! So, we get to land in Rome the morning of our anniversary and spend a couple days there, then ship out!

I truly don't take for granted all the opportunities I've been given to travel. And I tease Jason because before we started dating he had never been out of the country, and now, after the cruise we will have been to 7 different countries in just over a year!! I'm proud I get to help him become a world traveler, Cam-style!

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