Orange Power?

I slept in that morning, dreading what was to come.  I delayed going downstairs to face the others.  I was embarrased.  I tried adjusting items on the dresser, carefully folding my clothes, planning my outfit for the next day, doing anything I could to avoid the inevitable.  I will admit I willingly bought the shirt..but when the moment of truth came, I really kind of regretted it.  I thought maybe if I took the first step...if I tried to be the bigger person, maybe it would soften his heart for my team.  And I don't know if I was successful at all, but it did soften my heart...for OSU.

Seeing it in writing is even more embarrassing.  But the truth must be told.  And it really isn't as awful as it could be. But it's difficult.  When you've grown up only rooting for one team and rooting against all others that stand in its's hard to have a perspective where you root for two different teams, who also happen to be close rivals.  But, my husband is a staunch OSU supporter...and I love I tried to be open-minded.

  It was an absolutely beautiful day, at the stadium.  I was drawn to the cardinal red and white crowd...and for a second I was comfortable with where I was, because they were my colleagues, classmates, and friends.  They wanted the same thing I wanted.  But I was quickly woken up from my dream by my husband's oh-so sweet comment about how these people were easy to dislike because their colors reminded him of a much closer rival OSU has ( I bit my tongue).  Oh, right. OU fans weren't all drawn together to party and trash-talk before heading into the Fiesta Bowl game.  It was Stanford I was looking at, and I was wearing a bright orange OSU t-shirt.

Once the game started, you could feel the stadium fill with tension and excitement.  The fans were pumped up.  Stanford started out strong, while OSU struggled in their first possessions.  But both teams got warmed up and the game got good.  And right when Stanford had a sliver of control of the game, they handed the opportunity to OSU to seal the deal.  It was fun to watch the camaraderie and all the chants. Some of which I don't really understand and some of which I was forced to take part in by my neighboring OSU lady friend who was determined to convert me. Overall, it was a great game, and my heart warmed to the idea of cheering for the Pokes and throwing some pistols up. Maybe one day it will come totally naturally.

But let me be clear, while I definitely have found a spot in my heart to support Oklahoma State, it was yet another realization that fans from any school are all the same.  OSU fans can be just as bad as they claim OU fans to be and vice versa.  (I could go on and on about my frustrations with this, but that doesn't really help the case). Regardless, everyone's the same.  I don't claim to be the picture of a perfect OU fan.  But, I do wish I could draw up a cease-and-desist agreement between the two schools. We're all from Oklahoma and we both have stellar athletic programs.  Can't we all just be family and be supportive when each team does well and lose gracefully when one team loses to the other at Bedlam? At least it would make my dilemma a heck of a lot easier. Trying to keep the peace between a house divided.  ;) But until then, I am trying to expand my horizons, shift my paradigms, and embrace another football team.  Orange Power? Boomer Sooner!

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Ashley said...

Love the story :) It looks like you had a great time! And your pictures look great!