Valentine's Day

Jason and I made an agreement. It was my idea. And some people might like the idea, some might not. But, I think it suits us well. What's the idea? We agreed to never make Valentine's Day a big deal. No gifts...ever. Just cards and the occasional nice meal. How can you turn down a four-course special meal by a top OKC restaurant?

Anyways, it dawned on me one day that I've been incredibly naive about this day of the year. It's all about the guys doing things for the girls. At least that's how society treats it. It's about jewelry, chocolates, and flowers, and making up some extraordinary evening to woo your gal. So, the pressure is always on the guys, and I think that's utterly silly. My initial thought was...well, I'll just go out of my way to spoil my hubby rotten that day, so that he doesn't get sucked into this idea that Valentine's Day is some day where he has to get the obligatory chocolates and flowers. Fine.

But, then I decided that we should outlaw Valentine's Day in this home. At least in the normal sense. I'm all for pulling out the stops for our anniversaries. It's something special to us. September 24th holds a meaning to Jason and I that it doesn't for every other couple out there. It's our special day. Aside from that, Jason and I find the most fun in our random outings. Where we go balls to walls....for no reason at all, but just because. It's fun to go to a really nice restaurant and they ask you "So, what occasion are you celebrating?". And we just reply, "No reason."

So, we tried to keep it low-key this year. We had a late dinner reservation at The Mantel, so we figured we 'd go see a movie to kill time before. So, we saw "This Means War" which was a pleasantly entertaining romantic comedy. Then we grabbed drinks at the Boleros Bar in Bricktown. Dinner was great. And when we got back home, I declared "I hate Valentine's Day". So, next year, we're going back to just making a fancy home-cooked meal and enjoying it at home. Forced holidays about love are silly. It's so much more fun when it's just because. But, I had fun, and my Valentine was sweet and surprised me with flowers (which I think goes against the whole no-gifts thing, but I'm not complaining).

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Ashley said...

I completely agree with you! We started a tradition our first year of marriage. We go out and buy food we would never buy from whole foods (steak, crab cake, etc.) and cook it at home. It's wonderful. No gifts or anything :)