Softball Nights

I felt like there was too much I had to do at home today, so I had to pass up watching J play at his weekly softball games tonight.  But, I figured I could share a little of what goes on at one of these things.  J has been a part of his work's softball league since he got hired on in 2009.  It gives him time to hang with the guys and be a part of some light-hearted competition.

I thought it would be a great idea to bring Titan along to get him socialized and in different environments.  Clearly he has been deprived, because he does not know how to act around other dogs!  While he's a total sweetheart around people, he's not the nicest dog to others of his species.  I felt like horrible parent, trying to keep him on a tight leash, so that he wouldn't get too unruly.  Embarrassing!  He needs lots and lots more doggie socialization time! So, I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of more visits to the park just to help him adjust!

So, here are some pics from last week's softball games and of some of the sweet dogs that put up with Titan!  The boys played well and won both of their games for the night!  Woohoo!

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Ashley said...

These are super-cute pictures! I love them! And don't worry, Titan is going to be socialized before you know it!