Five on Friday: Phone Apps

1. Paprika Recipe Manager - This is one of my absolute favorite apps. It's a recipe management system with tons of features. First of all, there are no pre-loaded recipes, which I love.  I only want my stuff in there, not a bunch of recipes I'm never going to use.  Then there are features like saving recipes straight from a website with a push of the button, meal planning calendars, shopping lists built from recipes you're planning to cook with, a place to create reusable menus and more. 

I love that everything can be categorized and organized however you deem best. It also seamlessly syncs across all devices. So regardless of whether I'm on my phone or iPad, I know I'm looking at the same thing. And when J needs to check out a recipe, his phone syncs with the app as well!  And when you have a recipe pulled up, the app keeps your device awake, so no trying to wake up and unlock your screen with dirty hands. 

I talked my mother and mother-in-love into getting the app and now we share recipes back and forth so easily! And when I'm out grocery shopping and decide I want to make a certain meal, I just open Paprika and check what ingredients I need!  It's such a lifesaver. 

2. PocketMoney - When I was 15, Quicken was my money management software. Yes, I was that awesome that I was reconciling my checking account at that age. But, when smartphones came around, Quicken didn't have an app so I found PocketMoney.  I'm able to keep track of all our accounts and keep them reconciled. I do wish there was a way to sync easily among devices, as Jason never has an up to date version of our data.  Overall, it's a good financial management app.

3. mSecure Password Manager  - I couldn't live without this app. It literally maintains all our passwords. I try to have unique passwords for every site I visit, so this allows me to keep track of all that.  It's nice that it has different standrad fields based on what kind of login information or sensitive data you're storing.
4. Grocery iQ -I bought this app, used it for a while, then thought it wasn't useful, so I went back to my method of just keeping shopping lists on the Notes iPhone app. Then I tried this app out again and now I really like it. I'm able to make different lists based on different stores. So, if we're at Target, I can pull up that list and all my aisles are organized based on Target's layout. 

If I'm out running errands and J's still at work, since the app syncs across devices, I'll just text him and tell him to add anything else he wants to the list. Or if he cooks and thinks of things he needs to restock the kitchen, he doesn't have to tell me, he just adds it to the list and I'll know next time I go out.  Additionally, you can create favorite items, along with prices, so we can budget our groceries better and it's easy to quickly add items. 

5. My Medical - This has quickly become an app I rely on. While J and I are pretty healthy, it's nice to have a place to refer to when trying to remember family history, past procedures or past visits to the doctors. It also let's us track any medications we have taken or are taking and also tracks immunizations as we get them.  I can also store documents. so test results and lab reports that we've had taken are all in one place.

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