AP's First Birthday Bash

Oh my!  Where has the time gone?  My little man is over a year old and it's already 2015.  Since it's been a while, there may be a couple look backs over the exciting things that happened in 2014.  I've finally found the time to sit down and write!

One of the first things I had to share was our fun day celebrating AP's big birthday. First of all, December birthday parties are difficult to figure out.  Between holiday plans, company Christmas parties and people being out of town, it's hard to figure out a time that works where all the loved ones can be there.  But, we figured out a good day, so we were off to a good start!

I decided to go with a black, white and brown theme.  I figured I would go for a classy, modern vibe this time, since I'm sure I am destined for plenty of super hero, train, and cartoon parties in the future.

The menu had a Chili Bar.  We had mini corn muffins, baked potatoes, Fritos and hot dogs as the options for what to put your chili on.  Then for sides we had baked beans and J's famous potato salad.  For dessert, we had a Sweetheart Trifle, Reese's Cupcakes, a Naked Yellow Chocolate Chip Cake and a sweets bar.  I ordered these kraft food trays on Etsy that were so fun to use as dishes, and definitely made the clean up a lot nicer!

It was so much fun having our family and close friends with us.  And the cousins had a blast helping AP open his birthday presents!  Can't wait to celebrate many, many more birthdays with our favorite little guy!!

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Ashley said...

Ugh, I can't even talk about the fact that we didn't get to come to this!! You did so amazing with everything, Jaclyn. I might have to steal the chilli bar theme for Clive next year :)