My Office Reveal!!

We've been in the house for almost a year now.  And one of the few rooms that actually is essentially done is my office.  J has allowed me to prioritize it decorating-wise since I spend a majority of my time in there.  It has definitely been such an upgrade from my previous "offices".  I've previously had to turn bedrooms into my office.  Having a dedicated space that is just mine, and that I can leave and ignore when I'm not working is so nice.

When we chose our floor plan, I knew that I was going to want built-in cabinetry and a floating desk, so we pushed out the wall by a foot.  Which was a plus all-around since it enlarged our master bedroom, bathroom, shower room and closet! :)  Umm, yes please! 

I still am slowly adding knick-knacks to my bookshelves and desk space, and I definitely want to add a linen upholstered desk chair.  But other than that, I've pretty much completed the decorating in the office.

Since there is not a room above my office, we decided to give the office a bigger feeling by removing the ten-foot ceiling and making it a cathedral ceiling with a cedar beam. 

And one huge plus of having the custom built-in cabinets was being able to be very picky on the desk set up.  I hate having ugly, necessary things in view.  So, I requested rollout shelves that fit my laptop and dock and the printer.  We made sure to have outlets built inside the cabinets and a large drawer that could accommodate hanging file folders, should I ever need them.  Then, I had them make the cutout for cords go straight into the cabinet so that they're as invisible as possible!

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