Upstyling the House

I finally tried to make a better effort to give our home some more warmth. I struggle with investing too much in this house, because I am itching terribly to graduate to a larger house. And with that, I don't want to buy decorations and furniture for this house that won't work well in our next home, wherever and whenever that may be. I'm a firm believer that you should spend the money to get things that you will keep and enjoy long-term. And if I'm going to keep things long-term, that means it has to work for this house, the next and as many more after that. Everything has to be classic and stylish at the same time. I don't want to be stuck with stuff that could be dated in five years.

So, with all that in mind, I set out to make our home a little more lived in and cozy. 

My main focus was the office. It's cold and bare, and I spend a lot of time in there. So, with some wall decorations, my mom and I were able to liven it up. The curtains will be replaced eventually...with...Chevron Curtains! I'm so excited. I just have to relearn how to sew. Or sweet talk my mom into doing it. So, look out for an update sometime on that. I've also played around with the idea of putting a rug in there...or a light fixture. But, not sure if I'll get around to that. 

Then, we added some pillows and new pillow covers to the couches. And new accessories on the mantel, piano, and coffee tables.  While we were shopping in Pier 1, I randomly mentioned to my mom that I needed an owl...and now...I'm slightly obsessed. And I think they'll be around or a long time. 


LESSYE CAM said...

I love the owls!! I've been noticing they are kind of the new trend, and I think it's adorable. And I love that your house looks like springtime - - pretty!

Mrs. Baker said...

I love the owls and flower arrangements! you did a great job! I understand what you mean about buying stuff for the house you are in now-I would love to update too but I'm in the same position-I'm hoping we can get a bigger house in a couple of years or sooner!

Christine said...

Loooove those curtains! Are those the ones I saw you carrying around PB? They make that window look so much bigger! And the owls omg loooove! I'm obsessed with owls too! I need to know where you got those bad boys! There's a really cute owl pen cup at anthro I've got my eye on!