Hi, My Name is Jaclyn, I'm an Ex-Facebook Stalker

"Hi Jaclyn"

At least that's what I imagine you all would say after my lovely introduction. Anyways the title is true! I don't think I've ever spent an exorbitant amount of time on Facebook. But, I used to be a regular. You know...reading every news feed updates.. investigating the occasional interesting post or picture. Learning about all these random details about old friends or acquaintances that I haven't seen or spoken to in years; discovering their cousin was pregnant, that they had a wonderful day at the park, or that their dog had just gotten a bath. Ya know, the usual.

So, one day, I was doing a Facebook friend cleaning. Sorry, I'm not a hater and I don't have anything to hide, but sometimes you wonder why you friended that person that you met for like five minutes in 2008 or why would you be friends with someone on Facebook when you know you would turn the opposite direction if you caught a glance of them at the store, just to avoid the whole catch-up convo. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who has these thoughts, and that it's not because I'm anti-social or something weird like that).

Anyways, I was done with my cleaning and had this random idea to just unsubscribe from most of my 350+ friends. (Basically, I'm still officially Facebook friends with them, I just don't get all the updates on my newsfeed about them.) There's plenty of people that don't warrant being unfriended, but also, plenty that I just really don't need to know their every move and thought. So, with the exception of all my family (including all of Jason's) and probably fifty-some friends that I stay in regular contact with, I unsubscribed from everyone else!

And, I love it. Now, I get on Facebook like twice a day, for max, five minutes. Since my newsfeed isn't overwhelmed with updates from everyone. And, therefore, I don't know all these random facts about people that I truly don't need to be so informed on. I have more time in my day for more important things, and I'm less of a creeper. And I think it suits me well!

Do you ever get overwhelmed with how invasive social networking sites can be sometimes?


Ashley said...

oh my goodness - Jaclyn, I know just what you mean! I recently deleted a bunch of friends (I HATE when I realize I'm friends with someone and I don't even know who they are!). I want to go through and unsubscribe from everyone but I haven't had time yet. I have just been unsubscribing as I go :)

Matthew said...

FB is dumb