We Have a Foundation!

The pace is finally picking up on the house!  After weeks of non-stop rain in May and June, they finally were able to pour the footings for our house.  Last week they poured the foundation, and this week they start the framing!  It's so exciting to see the house coming together!

 Since we're building a custom home, let me tell you, it can get really overwhelming with design choices.  We are literally picking everything out from the flooring to the grout colors to the hardware and the lighting.  And I love to obsess over every little detail, and we've barely even started the process!  Last week we picked out all the flooring, countertops, backsplashes and fireplace stone.  J and I have a very transitional style, so basically a more contemporary spin on traditional design.  Here were our inspirations for finishes and styles for some of our rooms!
 1. Guest Bathroom  2. Upstairs/Kids Bathroom  3. Powder Room  4. Kitchen  5. Master Bathroom  6. Office


Lessye said...

Yay! Super exciting. I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait for play dates at your new place ;)

Jaclyn K. said...

Thanks sis!!! I'm counting down the days! :)