A Special Sort of Milestone

3 years.  Depending on the circumstances and how you view it, that can either be a short or a long amount of time. Today, Jason and I are celebrating our three year anniversary; and for me, three years feels like an incredibly short chapter on our long journey through marriage.  It's crazy to look back and think of all that has happened in this short amount of time and how much our lives will be changing from this point forward.

In three years, we've experienced what it's like to lose loved ones, gain new family members, change jobs, move homes, make new friends, travel to numerous countries overseas, and so much more.  And it's true that love is just like wine...it gets better with age.  We were madly in love when we got married and today our love is even stronger.  We are constantly marveling at the fact that we complement each other so perfectly.  His strengths are my weaknesses, his weaknesses are my strengths, and we see eye to eye on every important issue.

I am proud to say we are still in the honeymoon phase of our marriage.  Thankfully, we've never had to "work" at our relationship.  We've never second-guessed our choices and we've never had bitter fights.  I'm confident that we can stay in the honeymoon phase because we are constantly working to build a foundation that enables us to grown and maintain a strong marriage.  From our nightly prayers and daily devotionals together to developing our core values and our family's mission statement, we have a vision for how we want our marriage to be. 

And I truly do see our three year anniversary as a special sort of milestone because life before and after this milestone will be significantly different.  The addition of a little one to our family is going to change our family dynamics.  It's no longer going to just be the two of us. And when our sweet, little man comes, our roles are going to change..we'll no longer just be husband and wife but we'll become parents.  We're going to face new challenges that we've never been presented with.  But it's going to be so exciting to see where the future takes us, our family and our marriage. 

I know there are plenty of obstacles and hardships that we'll encounter in the future, but there is no one else I would rather be on this journey with.  God knew what he was doing when he put Jason in my life, because I literally could not have asked for a better man even if I knew how.  Here's to celebrating this special milestone!

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Happy anniversary! I am so happy for you guys!